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Conversations on Leading Change

Once the seed of change has started it there is no way to stop it. Some of our Virtual CoWorkers chime in on their experiences in leading change around the world. Check back often for new conversations.

Clarity Alignment Solutions is an online space where like-minded change agents come together to share their expertise with the world while creating a working community. The concept began when its founder, Oluwafunmilayo Ajayi started on the journey of becoming a Continuous Growth consultant back in 2011.

Fresh from working in a school building with many colleagues to interact with all day long, Oluwafunmilayo found the world of consulting lonely. A year into her solo career, she finally found a group of other consultants to work with and exchange ideas. She thought about how much easier things could have been if she had found her tribe earlier. Those thoughts got pushed to the side as she moved into working on international projects with peers from across the globe.

Oluwafunmilayo’s memories of isolation came flooding back in when she returned to being an independent consultant. Armed with previous experiences and a list of other independent consultants from different parts of the world, the virtual space for Continuous Growth professionals was born.

Clarity Alignment Solutions, Supports Organizations Before, During, and After Growth Spurts

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